What a difference a year makes

This is the MRI of my brain. To make a long story short, in December 2006 I passed out at home. It was obviously a result of flushing caused by the niaspan I was taking to regulate cholesterol levels. Of course the doctors had to cover their butts so they ordered all kinds of tests. Most of the tests came out OK with one exception. They found a small leak in my aortic valve. Other than that as health goes I have truly been blessed. Anyway, I no longer take and will never again take niaspan.

2007 has been my most productive year or running. I ran two road marathons, one trail marathon taking 20 minutes off my PR for that course, a trail 50k, and a 43 mile trail run. OK, I had a weak moment and ran 43 miles of a 50 mile run. I lowered my PR for the half marathon and shaved 16 minutes off my PR for the Knobstone Trail half marathon. By the end of the year I’ll have run around 1,300 miles. Not a lot by ultra runner standards, but I’m happy with it, think quality not quantity. Next year I’m planning to do one road marathon, one trail marathon, one 50k and two 50 milers and Lord willing I’ll reach the 2000 mile mark next year.

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