Good Start

So far the new year is going well. In the first week I ran 32 miles and kicked my conditioning up a notch. Saturday morning I did 75 burpees in just under 20 minutes. That isn’t much to brag about, but that was only the second time I’d done burpees. They are an excellent all around exercise and I can’t wait to do more.

Tomorrow is the final weigh in for the “Maintain not Gain” program at work. The idea was to maintain your weight from just before Thanksgiving until now. As of today I was down four pounds. This is the first time I can recall where I wasn’t heavier after new year’s than I was before Thanksgiving. I’m on a team with three co-workers. If combined we don’t gain more than 8 pounds then we are entered in the drawings for prizes. One of the prizes is 6 months membership at NIFS. There may be bonus prizes for those who lost weight. God is good.

One response to “Good Start

  1. Jeff,Congrats on your accomplishments last year; that is a heck of a time at Tecumseh on a tough course! Seems like you’ve got your plans laid out for the year; have you decided what 50 milers you are going to run yet? 2,000 miles this year is a great goal (2008 in ’08 is even better :-); just take it one mile at a time. Thanks for the encouraging words, they really mean a lot. You’re absolutely right, I need to do something I’m passionate about and not something just to collect a paycheck. I’m trying to be patient. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.Keep up the good work,Carey

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