Tuesday Is Interval Day

I like running my intervals on Tuesday. Intervals are one of the best things a runner can do and I like doing them on Tuesday. It fits my schedule, long run Saturday morning, recovery run Sunday afternoon, intervals Tuesday, and pace run on Thursday. Yesterday I was driving home from work and it was pouring rain. It would be difficult to talk myself into going out to run in the rain, so I prayed for a break in the rain. I wouldn’t care if it resumed raining while I was out just a long enough break to get out the door. I had decided to stay in and do conditioning then do intervals on Wednesday. I was just about to start doing burpees when I noticed it wasn’t raining. I was out the door in no time. God is so good. I had planned to do five one mile intervals. The first interval wound up being about 1.25 miles. Then it started pouring rain. I ended up doing 3 of the 1.25 mile intervals for a total run of a little over 7 miles. When I made it back to my house I was dripping wet, but I felt good. I love doing intervals.

Maintain not Gain ended yesterday. My team lost a total of 16 pounds. Nancy lost 6 pounds, Maria lost 4, John lost 2, and I lost 5. I don’t know yet how the other teams did, but we will at least be in the drawing for prizes. I’d like to lose another five pounds before Bop to the Top. I’m doing the triple step option, so the fewer pounds I have to haul up those stairs the better.

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