The Bod Pod

Should have been a nice restful recovery week after the 50k; however, Tuesday I had a Personal Fitness Evaluation (PFE) at NIFS. Right before the PFE came a little body composition analysis in the Bod Pod. I was pleasantly surprised by the Bod Pod. I knew that I had been getting lean through proper nutrition and exercise, but I never imagined I’d be under 10% body fat. According to the Bod Pod I’m at 8.8% body fat.

As for the PFE, more good news! My VO2 max at 55.81 is “well above average” for men 40 to 49 years old. Actually it’s well above average for men 20 to 29 too. The VO2 max is calculated from my time in a 1.5 mile run, which I completed in 9:14, not bad just three days out from the 50k. All the other tests, pushups, curlups, and flexibility I scored above average or excellent. Of course this doesn’t mean I can rest now, just keep pushing harder. Yesterday I did a tough 11 miles on the trails at Eagle Creek. It was tough going because of the snow on the trails. Today an easy 6 miles on the roads. Well, it didn’t start out easy. I had just finished doing 310 squats so for the first few steps of the run I wasn’t sure my legs would be able to run.

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