Global Warming Indeed!

Ran six miles last night. Thought I was going to melt. Tomorrow is the Another Dam 50k in Englewood, Ohio. The course is flooded, so there will be a surprise alternate course that will consist of more pavement than the normal course. I just hope there is some shade because it will certainly be hot tomorrow. I looked online and found a Starbucks near the race site so afterward I’ll be able to load up on caffeine for the drive home. Probably an ice cold mocha frappuccino.

Last weekend I ran the Dino 15k in Brown County State Park. Spent the night in a rustic cabin about a mile from the start. Very nice. Same course as last year. My time this year, 1:16:21, was only about a minute faster. I had hoped to do better. I guess I held back too much early in the race. I finished the last couple of miles very strong. I wound up second in my age group, 23rd OA. Regina ran the 5k and finished 3rd in her age group.

2 responses to “Global Warming Indeed!

  1. I agree – awesome! A very consistent pace & a great finish — sounds like you’re really on the upswing!Since you didn’t mention shoes, it sounds like they were not a factor on the trails, roads & mud. Do you think there would have been much shade on the road sections if the sun was out?Keep up the great runs & reports.

  2. Thanks Ed. I ended up wearing my Brooks ASR Trail shoes. They are pretty good on pavement. On a dry mud free day street shoes would work fine in Englewood, but as the rains came and the mud increased I was glad I had trail shoes. There seemed to be trees everywhere except for on the dam so the upper and lower roads on the dam would have been brutal in full sun. Good luck at Indian-Celina. I hadn’t heard of it until two weeks ago. It seems like a lot of the DINO regulars are signed up for it. If the reports from it are good I’ll put it on my wish list for next year.

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