No New PR, But a First

After I ran a mile warm up in a downpour complete with thunder and lightning the race director cancelled the Unite 2 Fight 5k so no new PR. My wife and I drove home, had a cup of coffee and then went to a yoga class. There’s another 5k in a couple weeks, Race to Recovery. Should be a nice flat course, maybe I’ll try there.

On Sunday evening I went to my favorite local park to try out my new trail shoes. The humidity was way down and it wasn’t too hot so I ran almost 17 miles. The Vasque Velocity shoes performed well. Compared to my Montrail Continental Divides the Vasque shoes almost feel like I’m running barefoot. I usually run at this park first thing in the morning. You don’t see many people who aren’t also running. It’s a different place in the afternoon, lots of day hikers and picnickers. Well, I encountered a first there this afternoon. Not far off the trail I noticed a young couple leaning up against a tree. I can’t say for sure what they were doing, but the girls shorts were down around here knees.

One response to “No New PR, But a First

  1. You hadn’t posted for a while there! I was hoping to see you at Muscatatuck, but things just didn’t work out for the both of us. So, you’re a sub 20 minute 5k’er ?! I remember when I set a goal just to break 7 min/mile for a 5k several years ago – I finally did it a couple times but paid the price with patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee) – one of the reasons I went to trails.I’ve seen some sights on the trails too, except there wasn’t any doubt what they were doing. Maybe we’ll meet up at Tecumseh . . . good luck on the 5k.

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