Anger Management

Yesterday evening it was too hot to do intervals at the track so I decided to run intervals on the treadmill at the gym. I planned to do 10 three minute intervals with three minute recovery. It wasn’t very cool in the gym either and by the fifth interval I took my shirt off and decided to quit after 6 intervals. Apparently, it’s against to rules to take your shirt off because 30 seconds into the sixth interval a staff member came over and asked me to put my shirt back on. Since I was running at 9 mph I asked if I could wait until I finished this interval. He asked how long that would be. I said two and a half minutes. He said ok. Then with 20 seconds left some other staff dope came over and said I had to put my shirt on now! Man did he piss me off. I’m sure there was steam coming out my ears at that point. Well, no sense in letting all that adrenaline go to waste so I ran four more intervals thus completing the original plan to do 10. Amazing what a little adrenaline will do for you. I didn’t really cool down until long after I left the gym. I really wanted to ask the guy if I had to wear a shirt in the pool too.

Here’s a picture of my wife and me at Avon Rib fest. Good food, good friends, good music. My wife’s co-worker was the headliner. The first band that played was pretty good too. I think they were called Knee Deep in the Weeds or something like that. They played Just a Gigalo just like Louis Prima. Good stuff.

One response to “Anger Management

  1. I had the same thing happen at my gym, although they weren’t as blunt as that. You must have kept your mind at task – a false move at 9 mph can be dangerous! I found a dark corner in the theater section where I can go shirtless & have a treadmill that’s directly below the A/C vent (although I sweat even then).

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