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Yada, Yada, Yasso

Did Yasso 800’s again tonight. I know you are probably getting tired of hearing about Yasso’s, but this will be the last intervals until after the Indy Monumental Marathon on November 1st. Below are the times for the ten 800’s in order.

Yasso 800 400 Recovery
3:17 2:56
3:18 3:19
3:20 3:16
3:18 3:18
3:18 3:21
3:14 3:21
3:17 3:15
3:16 3:22
3:18 3:18
3:09 3:12

Ok, I’m becoming cautiously optimistic about my chances of running a 3:30 marathon.

Race Photos

Listening to final announcements and instructions at the start of the Germantown 50k. It always amuses me when race directors give you directions for intersections you won’t see for a few hours as if I will remember it.
This photo was taken at the 19.6 mile aid station of the Germantown 50k. It was a hot day and I was toast by the time I arrived at this aid station. Running in those open fields was not much fun.

This was at the finish of the Bret Neylon 5k back in July. It was pretty warm that day.

The Low Gap Fatass 50k wound up being a Fatass Marathon. One of the logging roads that is part of the trail had some new gravel with baseball sized rocks that were very tough on feet and ankles, so after two times around the trail we dicided to shorten the third lap and bypass the fresh gravel.

Yasso 800’s

Did 10 Yasso 800’s tonight, all under 3:24. I’m training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 1st. My goal for the marathon is 3:30, soooooo if the Yasso theory holds true then I should be good for the 3:30.

DINO Series and Low Gap FatAss 50k

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day for the DINO 15k at Town Run Park. Maybe a little too humid but not too hot. The trail was a little slick in spots, but very little standing water and no shoe sucking mud. I started out way too fast and by mile 2 was slowing and being passed by a number of other runners. I managed to hang on and recovered so for the last three miles or so I started to speed up a little and felt pretty strong to the finish. I even managed to hang on to 3rd place in my age group. It was a weird race because from about mile 4 to the finish no one passed me and I did not pass anyone. As a matter of fact except for where trail loops passed near each other I never saw anyone ahead or behind me. I even stopped to pee at about mile 5 and no one passed me while I was stopped. At the finish line I was almost two minutes behind the runner ahead of me and about a minute ahead of the one behind me.

Dino series races aren’t known for the post race food, but this time they had a large supply of Kolaches from the Kolache Factory. I think I had three, a cream cheese, sausage and cheese, and cinnamon twist. Very good. Next DINO series is October 11th at SouthWestway Park.

Coming up this Saturday is the 1st Annual Low Gap FatAss 50k. Tom and I are going to run the Low Gap Loop three times. That’s the plan at least. It will probably just be the two of us, but you have to start somewhere. Besides it would probably be breaking all kinds of park rules to have an organized race without getting all kinds of permits and permissions etc. Anyway, we’ll be starting around 7:45 or so. Maybe next time I’ll actually invite others and make it a semi big deal.

Dino Time

Here is another picture from the La Luz Trail run. Speaking of DINO, next Saturday is the first DINO race of the fall sub-series. Peace, Love, Trailrunning. Happy Trails!