Yasso 800’s

Did 10 Yasso 800’s tonight, all under 3:24. I’m training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 1st. My goal for the marathon is 3:30, soooooo if the Yasso theory holds true then I should be good for the 3:30.

2 responses to “Yasso 800’s

  1. You were really smokin’ in that DINO race! The course is too zig zaggy for me – I always got motion sickness there even though I’m slow. The 3:30 goal sounds well within your reach to me based on your level of fitness. The reason you didn’t see anyone around you at Town Run was you were at the elite level! Remember now, you’re leaving the comforts of the trails — you can’t let relieve yourself anytime you like during a road marathon . . .

  2. Thanks Ed, yeah the twists and turns are hard on a runner plus those short steep rises that are great fun on a bike aren’t much fun for runners.Urban vegetation is much harder to find, but it does exist. The most recent Trailrunner magazine had an article about just letting go in your shorts. I can’t fathom why anyone would do that out on a secluded trail. I don’t mind stopping for a few seconds.

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