I just can’t help myself

Ok, I was going to take it easy over the next two weeks and rest up for the CIM December 7th. Plans change. We are going to New York for Thanksgiving and today at church some friends who are also going to NY for Thanksgiving talked me into running the RT Turkey Run in Irondequoit on the 29th. It’s only a 5 mile race so I guess it probably won’t ruin me for the marathon. Irondequoit is a suburb of Rochester. It’s a little more than an hour away from where I’ll be, but I have relatives in the area I can visit after the race. I think it will be a relatively flat course so if there isn’t deep snow or ice maybe I can set a PR for 5 miles. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

One response to “I just can’t help myself

  1. Congrats on the Dino series win! You’ve gotten to a high level — aiming for a PR in any race you choose now!Online registration just opened for LLTH. Details are still being worked out for the race.Good Luck at CIM.

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