The weather was not nice here today. Roads in the neighborhood were to icy to run and I didn’t feel like driving to the gym because ice was making traffic horrible so, I finally got around to doing “twenty-one” again. Lowered my time to 33:03. This time though instead of doing sit ups I did what I’ll call “leg lift crunches”. I did 25 squats before “21” and after I did 75 more squats and 80 bicep curls.

I’m thinking about running a 5k race this Saturday. Next up after that is Resolution-Revolution
January 1st.

2 responses to “Twenty-One

  1. That race is a great way to start off the New Year! There's a 10M Hangover Classic here in Louisville that day — maybe I should make my resolutions now & plan for a race too! Hope the 5k went well!

  2. Decided to run in the woods rather than run the 5k. Running on New Year’s Day sets the tone for the year.

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