I Think I Can

I swam again on Sunday. Swimming is a humbling experience for me. My goal is to do a sprint triathlon this summer; 5k run, piece of cake, 10 mile bike, child’s play, 500 meter swim, BIG PROBLEM! Last Sunday I swam somewhere between 500 and 750 yards. I didn’t maintain my senses enough to be able to keep track of the laps. I followed up the swim with a 4 mile run. This Sunday I maintained my senses enough to count the laps. I swam a mere 800 yards. I was in the water just over 20 minutes. I was able to make it to 500 before I stopped to rest. The first 500 yards took about 14 minutes. I’d like to get that closer to 10 minutes by summer. I think I am improving a little. This week the swim was followed up by a 6 mile run.

On a more positive note; last night I did burpees again. Burpees are an excellent workout. One exercise works, arms, legs, and abs. They are a great way to prepare for Bop To The Top. It’s been some time since I’ve done burpees. I like to do them in the winter months. Anyway I did 75 in 12 minutes 25 seconds. A year ago I needed over 18 minutes to do 75 burpees. Definitely some improvement there. After the burpees I spent 60 minutes on the Wii Fit trying to beat my wife’s time in the ski slalom. Couldn’t do it. Next time I need to do the slalom first then the burpees.

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