The Fun Begins

Last night was the first run for the Indy Runners Mini Training program. Nothing special, just three miles. I’m one of two leaders of the 8:30 pace group. The other leader, Bryan, lead the pack while I stayed back with the stragglers. Bryan did a pretty good job keeping the pace, finishing maybe 20 seconds ahead of the pace. I stayed with the last straggler and finished a minute over pace. I guess that’s not too bad for the first night. I didn’t get an exact count, but I think there were a little over 20 runners in our group. I actually got there early did my pushups and then ran the course alone to check it out. I pretty much stayed on an 8:30 pace. Next week I’ll do the same thing, but I’ll do the first run through at a much faster pace, maybe 7:00 or so. Of course I’ll do my pushups first. I’m working through this program designed to build up to doing 100 consecutive pushups. It’s a six week program, but based on my initial test result, I started out at week three. There are proscribed sets of pushups I’m supposed to do three times a week. If at the end of six weeks you can’t do 100 consecutive pushups then you cycle back through the last week or two. Seems simple enough.

Coming up this Saturday… Bop to the Top, Triple Step! I’m really looking forward to it.

3 responses to “The Fun Begins

  1. oh good luck on the push up challenge!

  2. Up 36 flights — yep, sounds like fun!! Guess you’ll be more than ready for LLTH . . . Good Luck!

  3. The Triple Bop is an awesome good time and excellent prep for LLTH.

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