Bayonet 7

The Groundhog 7 was only the second time I’ve ever run a 7 mile race. Seven seems like an unlikely number of miles for a race. The first was back in 1984 at Ft Ord, home of the 7th “Bayonet” Infantry Division. They had a seven mile race called the “Bayonet 7”. I don’t remember much about the race other than seeing guys running in combat boots and fully loaded rucksacks. I was wearing shorts and running shoes, no rucksack. I also remember the Commanding General standing at the finish line shaking everyone’s hand as they finished. I don’t remember my exact time, but it was almost certainly slower than 48:18.

I belive this picture was taken after the race. All the hardware belongs to the girls. They were pretty fast runners. I don’t remember how three girls came home with five trophies, but they did. We were all students at the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) at the Presidio of Monterey. The Monterey Peninsula was most definitely a runner’s paradise. I imagine it still is.

Back row: Sgt. Steve Lefavour, me, SSG Rob Pinnell

Front row: June Parsons, Debbie Hamilton, Michele ??

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