Bubble Burst

I was really bummed out after my poor performance last Saturday at the Spring Fling 15k race. I ran almost four and a half minutes slower than last year. Today though I am taking some consolation from the fact that I’ve had a respiratory infection for about two weeks now and I guess that took more out of me than I thought it would. I didn’t think about this until this morning when I went out for an easy six mile jog and my legs were extremely sore and lifeless, much more than they should be from a mere 15k. I have another 15k race this Saturday, the first race in the 2009 DINO Trail Series. I hope this infection is cleared up by then.

2 responses to “Bubble Burst

  1. So you ran the when you were under the influence — only 4 1/2 minutes off sounds pretty good to me.I see you’re still entering races — hope your financial outlook has improved!

  2. Finally today it feels like my immune system may be winning the battle against this virus. Still no job. No one has ever accused me of being financially responsible, but I’ve been able to cut back in other areas. I think I’d probably have the gas and electric shut off before giving up races. I may not run as many as last year though.

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