I Will Tri

Way back in 1993 I moved from very rural Western New York to Indianapolis, Indiana. I was a little apprehensive about the move but I was also a little excited because I had read in some Triathlon magazine (yes, magazine, this was the dark ages before I did everything on the internet heck I didn’t even own a computer) that there were several triathlons in central Indiana. I had never done a triathlon; although, a year earlier I had done a run, bike, run bi-athlon. Now these events are referred to as duathlons. Well, a mere 16 years later I have finally signed up for my first triathlon, the Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon Series at Eagle Creek Park on July 18th. Nothing too difficult, just a little 500 meter swim, 10 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run. My main goal is to make it out of the water under my own power. If I can do that I think the ride and run will be fun. I’ve done 500 meters non-stop in a pool, but in the open water of a lake with no lane markers and other swimmers kicking me?? Stay tuned…

One response to “I Will Tri

  1. That's the spirit!The water is what stops many from doing the tri, including myself. You're a brave soul!I believe I would prefer the lake than the pool — then I wouldn't notice the zigzagging as much unless I really zigged or zagged!Just think, now you'll be able to tell all those people who don't know what an ultrarunner is that you're a triathlete — that just may sink in with them!Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!!!

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