Good News, Great Joy, Etc…

Good news! Brooks renewed my membership in their ID program. This year they’ll be giving us a team singlet and shorts. Also there are more incentives to run races. For each race I run I get points. At the end of the year there will be a grand prize winner, 10 regional winners, and state winners. I can’t imagine I would even come close to winning the grand prize, but it’s a nice prize a rock and roll vacation package for two, as in travel, hotel, and entry into one of the rock and roll marathons. Brooks is the exclusive apparel supplier for the rock and roll marathon series. There will also be random prize drawings throughout the year. I’m very excited.

Had a couple nice runs and a swim so far this week. The frigid wind on Tuesday was trying to form snotcicles on my face, but I was generating just enough heat to melt them into a gooey mess. Much warmer run today. Shorts and t-shirt.

I decided to skip HUFF again this year. I’d rather give my knees some recovery time. I also decided against running the 5k’s of Christmas race. After the good showing at the Drumstick Dash I was thinking I could finally break my 5k PR, but I haven’t really been training for it. Maybe next spring, after getting in some good speed workouts. Besides, with the Brooks incentive, I can see myself running lots of races next year. One race I won’t be skipping is the Resolution-Revolution. It isn’t really a race, but I always run it as though it were. I can’t think of a better way to start off the New Year.

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