Resolution Revolution

Out with the Old in with the New

Once again this year I started the year off right by running the Resolution Revolution. This isn’t a timed race, but they do have a clock, aid stations, and food after you finish. They also do a champagne toast before the run. This year the weather wasn’t too bad, sunny with a slight breeze,  but the temperature was about 10 degrees colder than last year. The champagne froze in my glass so that when it came time to toast I had a champagne slushy.

The course is a 3 mile loop that you run, once, twice, or three times. Since it would be silly to drive downtown to run 3 miles I always run all three laps.  After the first lap there were only two runners ahead of me. I know what you are thinking, where were all the fast runners? Probably home in bed still, nice and warm. After completing the second lap both runners ahead of me dropped out so I was the lead runner, not something I have ever had to write. The entire third lap was spent lapping slower runners and walkers which gave a good mental boost. Right before finishing my final lap another runner passed me. I don’t know if this was someone who had done all three laps or not.  Doesn’t matter, it’s not a race, no results. I did make note of the clock as I finished, 1:00:41, a few seconds slower than last year. Still a good time for 9 miles, though I think the loop is a little shy of 3 miles.

Went out this morning for a short run. I’m pretty sure it was even colder this morning than yesterday. Did about 6 miles at Eagle Creek. Probably should have done more.

One response to “Resolution Revolution

  1. Way to start the new year, Jeff!

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