Not Quite Total Slackitude

When it comes to blogging I admit I have been a complete slacker.  Honestly there just hasn’t been anything happening important enough to put in print. Well, that isn’t true. There are some major developments in the works, but I just don’t want to write about it yet. Soon enough though.

Training though, that is a horse of a completely different color.  No slacking there. I have been running, swimming and cycling just about as much as I possibly can. And eating healthy too. In the past couple weeks I have lost about 6 pounds or more. In a couple weeks when I’m loving the hills south of Louisville I will be not be mourning those lost pounds.

I did my first spin class a couple weeks ago. The class leader said he was an ultra runner, said he hadn’t yet recovered from his last ultra. He had recently done 75 miles in 22 hours in Sedona, Arizona. He said this was our lucky day because since he was still tired he would take it easy on us. God help anyone who takes his class when he is fresh. He nearly killed me with that workout. If I were a terrorist the ACLU would be filing a lawsuit over the torture I endured. It was awesome though! Great cross training. I’ve been told that cycling is great for ultra runners. We shall see.

I need a camera. Some pictures would be nice.

Last Tuesday was the first training run in the Indy Runners Mini Training Program. Only three miles, but many who do this program haven’t run since they ran the Mini last May. I’m a pace leader for the 8:30 pace group. I went early and did two miles worth of hill repeats in Holcomb Gardens. There is a very nice hill behind the observatory. Sprint up, sprint down, recover on the short loop at the bottom. After the hill repeats I raced back to Hinkle Fieldhouse for a quick pacer meeting. When I reached my locker I realized I didn’t have my key. Argh! It must have fallen out of my pocket running up and down the hill. I retraced my route back to the hill; scanning from side to side; praying I would find that key. Then about half way down the hill; there it was in the middle of the road. Holy cow! I ran back to Hinkle singing praises the whole time. Missed the meeting, but had a great run with my group. I’m sure security at Hinkle has a pair of bolt cutters, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to ask them.

2 responses to “Not Quite Total Slackitude

  1. I’ll have to try that hill behind the Butler observatory for repeats. Thanks for the idea. Congrats on losing weight. You should do great in Louisville.

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