Make Hay While the Sun Is Shining

Yesterday, securely ensconced in the cold fluorescent glow that is my work cubicle I planned, big important plans. After work I would hit the gym for intervals on the treadmill. I had it all figured out and even recorded it on a post-it note lest I should forget.  Interval, recovery, how many, how fast, warm-up, cool-down.  Alas, God was preparing for a different plan, perhaps He tired of hearing me whine about the lousy weather. When I arrived home it was so nice outside, I threw my plans out the window and decided to run intervals in the streets of the hood, in shorts. It felt so good to be outside running in shorts.  It was awesome! I even managed to knock out a few sets of pushups between the intervals. This morning at my Friday morning ritual breakfast stop at Panera I told a friend the experience was so uplifting that I felt lighter. God. Is. So. Good… To me!

My Colorado Blue Spruce from LLTH

More good news! Tento strom ještě žije. The tree is still alive. I think it has even grown some since moving to its new home, a pot on my desk. It has already out-lived the tree I received last year so there is hope. The little black rock in the planter is a piece of black basalt (?) I picked up on a hike in New Mexico. I put it in the pot to help make the Colorado Blue Spruce feel more at home. Ok, I’m a dopey geek, I admit it. Of course if you are reading this… just saying. Hey, thanks for being here for me.

Speaking of LLTH. In my last post I forgot to mention that this (click the link, you’ll be glad you did) is one of my current favorites to sing while running. At Lovin’ The Hills I must have sung through it completely a dozen times and who knows how many times the chorus was repeated during the almost 8 hour ordeal. I love this song and I’m not too tough to admit I nearly cried the first time we sang it in church.

Run Happy!

One response to “Make Hay While the Sun Is Shining

  1. Guess you can’t get more inspired during a race than that! I’ve always believed staying happy is a key to longevity in ultrarunning (& life!).

    I planted a 3′ blue spruce many years ago — it’s now about 20′ tall — a most beautiful tree. Hope we can keep the tradition with the trees again next year.

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