Simple Pleasures

It doesn’t take much to trip my trigger. At times the simplest thing that may seem completely trivial, insignificant, or maybe even painful to others is more than enough to send me into a state of euphoria. Like waking up in the morning for example, even if it is earlier than I would have wanted, just being alive and being blessed with the opportunity to face the challenges of another day brings me joy. Last Saturday I went indoor rock climbing with my son and a few friends, pure joy. Too many would see the rock climbing as hard work and way too many have let their bodies go to the point they would not even be capable of attempting rock climbing. To be sure, it wasn’t easy, it was a challenge, but what fun. One of the other climbers in our group described it as “awesomafiablyfantasmic”.  I couldn’t agree more.

Of course that is not why I am writing today. No, today’s euphoria was induced by something much more trivial than waking up or rock climbing with friends and family. This Saturday I am running a 5k. Yep, that’s it! Well, actually it isn’t just the act of running the 5k, but the fact it was an unscheduled, spontaneous addition to the race schedule coupled with the fact that I will be able to wear my new shorts and singlet a week sooner than planned and voilà, the needle on the joy meter is pegged.

Ok, now the details. The race is this Saturday in Rolla, Missouri. I know what you are thinking, that is a long way to go to run a mere 3 miles. Well, yes, but it is 3.1 miles thank you very much and it is for a good cause. This is the ShamROCKin’ 5k and it is raising money for my wonderful niece Janelle and many others to go on an alternative spring break. Rather than go to Panama City and get drunk every day they will be going to Louisiana to build or repair homes. Drinking is not allowed. I’m impressed that a college junior would make that choice. When I was that age most of my time and energy were focused on finding or planning the next big party.

2 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. The needle on your joy meter is pegged? You’re becoming a poet. But I know what you mean. Have fun at your 5K.

  2. If I was high on endorphins when I wrote that I can’t be held accountable for my babbling, right?

    I just slogged through some deep mud on this trail run called life. I probably still have a little mud on me and I may not smell so good yet. God didn’t promise us high and dry single track, but he did promise to be there to give us strength to endure the rough spots. I’ve been in overdrive reminding myself just how blessed I am.

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