Free Stuff

When I signed up for the Buffalo Marathon back in January, they had a special deal going where they were giving away free “I’m training for the 2010 Buffalo Marathon” t-shirts. The t-shirt arrived in the mail Friday. Since it was free, I can’t really complain, but, the print is so small you would have to be in my face to read it and it’s cotton so there’s little chance I would ever wear it while running. I am wearing it as I type, but it will soon be covered up with shirt and sweater as I’ll be heading off to church any minute now. Happy Easter!

Yesterday I looked at the Portland Marathon which is October 10th this year. Some people from Portland who I saw at the CIM in Sacramento said Portland was an awesome race. Entry fee $135. It can’t be that awesome. The aforementioned Buffalo Marathon with its cheap free t-shirt only cost me $75. Of course it is Portland. Oops, never mind, there’s a DINO race that weekend anyway, no way I’m going to skip DINO at Southwestway.

Run Happy!

If you can read this, you are way too close!

4 responses to “Free Stuff

  1. For $135, I want a hotel room, hot tub and plane ticket. That’s outrageously high for just a race entry.

    • The Seattle Marathon is only $70. It’s just a week before Tecumseh, but I could do both. I’m curious as to what the draw is in Portland because even at that price they will sell out.

  2. One other thing: you’re training for a May marathon AND running Dino races on weekends? When do you do your 20-milers?

    • 20 miler? I’m supposed to be running 20 milers? I guess that’s the one flaw in my training, I won’t get in many 20 mile road runs. Especially since I’m going to China from the 21st thru 30th of April. I’m hoping to get one in the weekend of the mini. I’m not running the mini so it should be a sinch. maybe I’ll run the anti-mini and do extra laps.

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