Boarding flight from Shanghai to Weifang

So far the China trip has gone very well. The food has been awesome. I’m not a huge fan of seafood, but over the last few days I’ve eaten some things that I could not identify. I did eat a couple snails last night that I didn’t like so much. Last night at dinner they said I was the guest of honor and so they offered me the fish head. I did eat some of the fish and it was very good, but I passed on the head. I did eat a chicken foot last night. It was ok. I also had jelled pigs feet which tasted very much like the jelled pigs feet I have made myself.

Right now it is 10:30 Sunday morning and there seems to be one heck of a party going on in the room across the hall. Earlier the guy had his door open and was singing loudly.

Jason and I went for a long walk this morning and made plans for a run later this afternoon. In about 30 minutes we are going to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping and then out to lunch. Should be interesting.

Dinner with Diamond Weifang team. Awesome food, good friends. But perhaps a little too much Tsingtao.

Dinner with Diamond Weifang team. Awesome food, good friends. But perhaps a little too much Tsingtao.

Weifang University Athletic Center

Just returned to the hotel from the Wal-Mart/lunch trip. Lunch was excellent. We drank hot water and hot corn juice with our meal. One dish had some little red peppers that were very hot. The first three I ate with little problem, but the last one burned the back of my throat pretty good.

CW from bottom: fish, spinach patty, chicken with peppers, tofu with onion, broccoli, chicken wings, beef. In center: breaded pumpkin, fried pork.

2 responses to “China

  1. Oh my god, you ate a chicken foot? Was it crunchy? Fried at least? Sounds like that could wreak havoc on your stomach! Great report though, made me smile. OK I cringed at the fish head thing.

    • It wasn’t crunchy. Roasted or sautéed I guess. Pretty much just ate the skin and tendons. At the Wal-Mart I saw pickled chicken feet, smoked chicken feet, all kinds of chicken feet. I was impressed with variety at Wal-Mart, not just the chicken feet, but all the different foods.

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