More China

Caterer's van.

Many of the workers live in a dorm at the factory. The main building has three stories. The first and second floors are offices and the workers rooms are on the third floor. There is a dining room, recreation room, bathrooms, showers, and sleeping quarters. A caterer delivers three meals a day, seven days a week. We eat lunch there and so far it has been very good. The rec room has a TV and a ping pong table.

Construction site between the factory and our hotel, 5 cranes. From my hotel room I can see nearly 20 similar cranes. To say there is a construction boom in China would be an understatement.

Wanted to post more pictures, but the internet is just not working well.

2 responses to “More China

  1. Sounds like an awesome trip. Interesting sights. New foods. Getting in any running?

    • Got a couple miles in last night. We did repeats up and down the stairs of the University Athletic Center. At the top we did push-ups. The Chinese are accustomed to exercise, the workers do it every morning with military precision at the start of the work day, but foreigners running down the street is a rarity that seemed to amuse them. So far I’ve only seen one obese Chinese person and perhaps one or two who might be considered overweight.

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