Jet Lag Is For Wimps

Jason and Jeff in front of the Bird Nest.

I made it home safely from China. We arrived in Chicago and hour late but I still managed to make my connection to Indy with about a minute to spare. I was home by 9 o’clock Friday evening. Saturday morning I was up and about early and was at Eagle Creek before they unlocked the gate. My quads were a little sore still from the workout they got on the Great Wall so I only ran 6 to 7 miles. Today I went to the gym and rode the spin cycle hard for 45 minutes and followed that with 500 yards in the pool. Ok, I confess, I’m a little tired right now.

Last Thursday we flew from Qingdao to Beijing. The 2008 Olympic sailing events were held in Qingdao. Thursday afternoon we rode the Beijing subway up to the Bird Nest and the Water Cube. The fact we wanted to ride the subway apparently caused quite a stir with our hosts. Not sure why they were concerned, the subway was clean and seemed safe. Plus it only cost 30 cents each for a one way trip. The Water Cube was closed to the public so we couldn’t go inside. Friday morning we drove up to the

Ok, if I jump the wall can I finish a lap before security tackles me?

Great Wall at Mutianyu. We rode up to the wall in the cable car that Bill Clinton rode in back in 1998. Yippeee! We

Bill Clinton rode this car in 1998.

only had an hour to walk the wall so Jason and I decided to go as far as we could for a half hour then turn around and return. By the time we finished we were both soaking wet with sweat. Great, now I have to go sit on an airplane for 13 hours and I’m already sweaty and stinky. Oh well. We had some wet wipes and once we got to the airport we had plenty of time to wash up in the bathroom. Before I left for China I invested in a pair of compression sleeves for my calves. I wore them for the flight over and the return flight. I don’t know for sure whether they helped or not, but they certainly didn’t hurt.

Some sections of The Wall are very steep.

3 responses to “Jet Lag Is For Wimps

  1. Welcome back!!

    Guess it won’t be the same for you whenever you hear about China now (or even when you eat “Chinese”).

    Jet lag may be for wimps but a real wimp won’t even get on a plane (me).

    Good idea on the compression sleeves! I use them when I have a long drive after a race. Like you said, don’t know if they really help or not . . . but I’ve heard stories about DVTs too.

  2. Welcome back, looks like an awesome trip. HOLY crap, I didn’t realize the wall had such steep steps! You have some awesome pictures!

  3. “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” How far one can go is usually decided by how far we can think. Always on the road.

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