New Places to Run

One tired little doggie after her long run.

Yesterday I went for an easy run in the new neighborhood. After a little more than a mile through neighborhood streets I wound up at the Monon Trail where it crosses 106th Street. I then ran south to the 465 overpass. There I turned around returned home via the same route. Total distance covered was just over 4 miles. I took Kooper with me. She loves to run, but it’s been awhile since I’ve taken her with me so she is a little out of shape. We had to take a few walk breaks along the way. I didn’t mind since I’m supposed to be tapering for the marathon anyway. Exploring the new neighborhood over the next few months should be a lot of fun.

I signed up for a swim lesson this Saturday. I’m hoping some professional instruction will help me to improve my efficiency in the water. It certainly can’t hurt any as I’m currently slower than molasses in January when I swim. In an email the instructor said she had been swimming for 20 years, she has lots of experience, and she was the 1000 meter freestyle national champion in her age group last year. I’m thinking great, an older swimmer, lots of experience… turns out she is only 25 years old. Oh well, as long as she can teach this old dog some new kicks, that’s all that matters.

2 responses to “New Places to Run

  1. Love the dog picture, ha. A tired dog is a good dog! You are so luck to have signed up for a swim coach – I wish I could find someone close to me to help with that. Good luck!

  2. She is a good dog and she loves to run. And the drills the swim coach made me do nearly killed me. I swear she was just trying to see if she could drown me. At one point I actually asked her “What about breathing?” She said, “yeah, come up for air when you need to.”

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