Back In the People’s Republic

Somerset, famous for fruit and the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse.

No, not China, the other people’s republic, New York State. Actually much of Western New York is a far cry from what most people envision when they think of New York. I am currently in the Town of Somerset which is where I squandered my youth. The Town of Somerset includes the Village of Barker which is the “Heart of the Niagara County fruit belt.” All I can say is thank God for Hughes Net. My dad finally got the high speed internet by satellite a short time ago. If he were still on dial-up you would not be reading this.

I flew in to Buffalo yesterday. This Sunday is the Buffalo Marathon. That is why I’m here. My dad picked me up at the airport and drove me over to the Galleria Mall where I met up with my brother. He and I then drove south to Cassadaga Valley where his sons Josh and Jake were playing baseball. Region 6 sectional playoffs, unfortunately they lost 2-0.

This morning I helped my dad sharpen the blades on his small riding mower. He also has a large Ford tractor with a 60 inch deck and large 3-point hitch finishing mower. With 15 acres, there is always more grass to mow. I guess he only keeps about 5 acres of it mowed.

Always more grass to be mowed.

Later today we are going over the Lyndonville to Yoder’s Amish Store. They are having customer appreciation weekend, so they’ll have free coffee and other stuff. They make their own peanut butter as well as other types of nut butters. It should be fun, I don’t think I’ve ever been there. As New York’s excessive regulations and high taxes have forced many to flee apparently rural farmland became affordable and the Amish have come in and seem to be thriving.

Jake mugging for the camera.

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