The Un-Race Report

I like the plain shirt and yes I will wear it.

My apologies to those of you who have been waiting for my report for the Buffalo Marathon. Your wait is not over. You will have to wait a little longer for the report and by a little longer I mean at least another 364 more days. You see, since I didn’t run the race this year I won’t be able to report on it until after I run it next year. Of course there is no guarantee I’ll run it next year, but I guess you’ll just have to take your chances. They were having a heat wave in Buffalo over the weekend so it’s probably just as well that I wasn’t able to run.

Saturday morning I woke up and didn’t quite feel right. I didn’t really feel sick, I ate breakfast as usual but as the morning passed I knew there would be trouble ahead. Just after noon as I was getting ready to drive to the Buffalo Convention Center for packet pickup I suddenly found myself in the bathroom screaming at the porcelain bowl, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Who knew a human stomach could hold so much stuff? In my college days we called it “driving the porcelain bus” and of course some 24 hour bug was not usually what led one to drive the bus. We had a big score card on a bulletin board and at the end of the year the one who drove the bus the most won a prize. Ironically though it always seemed as though the number one bus driver never stuck around until the end of the school year.

No trip to WNY is complete without some Perry's Ice Cream. It's not made by a bunch of long-haired hippies, but it's pretty good stuff.

Anyway, after unloading breakfast and some other odds and ends I started to feel a little better. So my brother’s nephew, John, and I drove to the packet pick up. It had been quite a few years since I had seen John. He had just graduated from college, my alma mater Alfred State. He was one of the fastest runners on their cross country team. This past season he finished third at the NCJAA national championships. The team finished second.

Two scoops of Bittersweet Sinphony in a waffle cone. Yummmmm!

After returning home I sat in a recliner and slept off and on until around 10pm. At this point I was thinking I might still drive to the race but probably wouldn’t run. My brother called to see how I was doing. He assured me that John wouldn’t mind driving himself to the race so I decided I would just stay home. I then went to bed and slept until after the 7am race start time. Got up, ate breakfast and felt pretty good, a little dizzy and groggy though. I sure didn’t feel as though I could have run a marathon especially having not eaten anything at all the day before. By Monday morning I felt fine and went out for a 6 mile run.

I must say I like the race t-shirt. It’s pretty plain which is good, because that means I could wear it to run. There is no advertising on it and the lettering is large enough to see without a magnifying glass.

John finished 6th overall in the half marathon in 1:14:10.

On Monday I went to the Town Of Somerset Memorial Day Service. It was very nice and well done for such a tiny town. Next race is this Saturday, the DINO Series 15k in Brown County State Park, the final race of the spring sub-series.

3 responses to “The Un-Race Report

  1. It was a tough call, but sounds like you did the right thing. There will always be another race. Pushing your sick body through 26 miles is no damn fun. Enjoy the shirt and the ice cream, and get back to trails!

  2. Bummer. That is such a tough call, but really you did do the right thing. Marathon is no distance to run if you are sick. Next race you will be healthy and ready to attack the 26.2. That ice cream looked awesome!

  3. Mandy, that ice cream is awesome! I have friends form high school who work for Perry’s.

    Trail Boy, now that I live on the northside we should run together at Ft Harrison or Town Run sometime.

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