DINO Brown County

The DINO series 15k trail race at Brown County State Park was this past Saturday. It was muggy and warm. The trail was muddy in a few spots, but the recent rains provided a couple creek crossings with plenty of water to wash off the mud. Oh yeah, and since the first mile or so was on a horse trail which as perhaps the “muddiest” part of the course, not all that mud on my shoes and legs was mud. Time wise this was without doubt by far my worst DINO race ever. After the first couple miles I realized there would be trouble ahead. By the half-way point I was completely spent, absolutely no gas left in the tank. My legs were heavy and sluggish. I could not run even the slightest uphill inclines and I couldn’t turn my legs over fast enough to run fast downhill. I estimate that I reached the half-way point in just over 30 minutes. It took me an additional hour to reach the finish line. I’m not sure what caused my problems. Didn’t sleep well the night before, right calf still hurting from straining it last Monday, the humidity, started out too fast, etc… who knows? Doesn’t matter because I was out in the woods with fellow trail runners and despite the suffering I enjoyed it. I wish I had remembered my camera. As slow as I was going I could have taken lots of photos.

What a difference a day makes. On Sunday morning I met a couple friends at Eagle Creek. We ran about 7 miles at a brisk pace, definitely faster than my average pace in the DINO race. It was a little cooler so I guess that helped a little. My friends ran even more after our first loop, but I didn’t want to press my luck and I had a lot of work to do at home. I painted a closet door, made granola, and continued with the task of unpacking and organizing all my stuff. Later in the evening I attended the first session of Divorce Care at Northview Church. I wasn’t convinced I would need to attend a support group like this. Going into a room of total strangers and talking about my divorce was extremely difficult but I’m glad I went and am sure I’ll benefit from it.

2 responses to “DINO Brown County

  1. Sounds like you had a tough race. I am glad you found your legs again the next day though. I think we need those tough days to really appreciate the great days. Take care of you and good luck with everything.

  2. There’s never a bad day on trails, some are just slower than others. Hope the granola took some sting out of the setback.

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