Slowly Recovering

96th Street rest area on the Monon Trail. As much possible I run on the gravel rather than the pavement

After a somewhat rough weekend I was pretty sore so I made Monday a rest day. Tuesday at work I was even more sore than I was on Monday. Getting up from my chair was a struggle each time. Seemed like the longer I would sit the stiffer I would be. I didn’t think another rest day would be in my best interest so I was determined to run after work. It wasn’t easy getting started, but once I got out the door I was fine. I didn’t set any speed records, but I did manage to stop twice to do 30 pushups. I ran south on the Monon to 86th street and stopped at the 96th street rest area to do the pushups. I wound up covering about 6.4 miles in all. It was slow, but afterward I felt much better. Wednesday at work most of the stiffness and soreness was gone. My right calf is still a little tender, but another couple days and it should be back to 100%.

The 96th street rest area is less than a half mile from my house as the crow flies but since I don’t fly like a crow I have to run either 1 mile or 2 miles depending on which way I go. I can go north on the Monon to 106th street then south through the neighborhood (just over 2 miles) or I can run on 96th street to College then north on College to the neighborhood (about 1 mile). I hope to do some speed work tonight depending on how I feel when I get home.

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