It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, But This Old Man Was Not Snoring

This morning I ran from my house to Broad Ripple in a heavy downpour. It felt so good running in the rain. I was singing “Breathe On Me” by Todd Fields the whole time. Love that song. When I got to Broad Ripple I had no choice but to turn around and run back home. The rain stopped after about 8 or 9 miles. I had this idea in my head that the round-trip would be around 10 miles. Turns out it was closer to 13. I had forgotten that when I mapped the route earlier in the week I used the short route to the Monon, but today I actually ran the long route. No problem, it’s all good. As much as possible I was running on the gravel at the edge of the pavement. Like a good trail runner I was extending greetings to all the runners I passed. Many of them returned the greeting, but many did not. I think tomorrow I’ll go to Ft Harrison or Town Run for some real trail running. I enjoyed the rain today, but I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Enjoy the song!

2 responses to “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, But This Old Man Was Not Snoring

  1. Looks like you’re still in the middle of DINO country — must be nice. Good to hear you’re doing well!

    I like running in the rain too, although I don’t like high winds in a forest or lightning.

    How’s the Brooks Challenge going?

  2. Hey Ed. I was a little concerned there would be lightning, but never saw any, never heard any thunder. As of this morning I’m 114 out of 754 in the Brooks Challenge. If all those ahead of me don’t run any more races this year I could maybe move into the top 50.

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