Ft Harrison State Park, Love It!

LCT to the left and right, but where does the unmarked single track go?

This morning I ventured over to Ft Harrison State Park. I had visited the park several times before, but always for a race. Except for DINO race I’m not very familiar with the trails in the park. Today I only ran on the Lawrence Creek Trail (LCT). The map says it’s 2 miles, but I don’t know about that. I ran from the trailhead to the loop and then twice around the loop in about 40 minutes including several stops to take pictures and some brief side trail exploration. I wasn’t running that fast, so 2 miles? Before running the LCT I ran up and down the sledding hill once. After the LCT I returned to the sledding hill and did repeats, 4 or 5 times. After a couple of round trips I decided the signs saying to walk up the sides are meant for those sledding in winter. I then ran diagonally across the hill, up and down. I was pushing hard up the hill and flying down. It is a smooth grass hill and perfect for hill repeats. After the hill repeats I headed over to the playground for more fun. Push ups and pull ups. Oh yeah! I can’t wait to go back and get acquainted with more of the trails. And watch out kiddies, because I’ll be on the playground doing more pull ups too.

View from the top of the sledding hill.

An hour of running, push ups, pull ups. I'm wore out and ready for Panera!

Perhaps the thing I like the most about Ft Harrison is this, within a mile of the park entrance there is a Panera! After a hard work out I earned a coffee and bagel. On the way out of the park there is a sign that says something like thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed it and return soon. In the comfort of my car I actually shouted out loud NO, THANK YOU! YES I DID AND YES I WILL!

4 responses to “Ft Harrison State Park, Love It!

  1. Fort Ben is a nice place to spend an hour or two. I go there several days a week. I just wish it had more trails! We should meet there some morning soon as pound out a few miles. As far as the question in your photo, that single does a wide sweeping loop through the woods (maybe a half-mile) and rejoins the LC trail about halfway up the hill.

  2. That would be good, you could show me around the place.

  3. That sounds awesome. And you have to love a run with a Panera nearby!

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