I Don’t Drink Bourbon, But…

On Saturday I ran at Ft Harrison State Park with Trail Boy. Over the last several months we have exchanged comments through our blogs and have run in the same races at times, but had never met in person until Saturday. He was more familiar with Ft Harrison, so it was nice to have someone to show me around the place. There was a lot of water and a little mud, but overall a great morning to run around the woods. Of course you know I say that about the running around the woods regardless of the conditions.

Thunderstorm – great morning to run around the woods.

Blizzard – great morning to run around the woods.

Oppressive heat and humidity – great morning to run around the woods.

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my – great morning to run really fast out of the woods.

It’s all good. Ok, the unidentified insect that stung me on the leg was not so good, but I survived, I think, that spot on my leg is still pretty itchy today. My only regret is that I didn’t head over to the playground for some pull ups after the run.

On Sunday morning I met some friends at my old stomping grounds, Eagle Creek. On the way into the park I saw two tiny fawns. I doubt they were more than a month old. The recent storms had knocked down a number of trees in the park. One large pine had fallen and completely blocked the main road through the park. It had been cleared, but when trees block the hiking trails it can take years before they are cleared.

We ran trails for about an hour. Mike, who is training for a full Ironman and ran at least ten 100 mile races last year, set a fast pace from the start. No one told me we were running a race! Somehow after about 30 minutes I wound up at the front, but I don’t think I slowed the pace much if at all. After the trails we mounted our bikes and rode for about 90 minutes.

Some of my racing plans for the fall are beginning to take shape. I recently joined a team for the Bourbon Chase. It’s a 200 mile relay race in Kentucky on October 22-23. There isn’t supposed to be any drinking during the run, but the race website says there will be plenty of bourbon at the start and finish. That’s fine as long as I don’t have to drink any of it.

Just today I signed up for the Heart of America Marathon in Columbia, Missouri. It’s supposed to be quite hilly and at that time of year heat could be a problem. Oh well, I’ve seen the elevation profile. Sure, it’s not a flat BQ type of course, but it’s no Tecumseh either. Most of those who commented on the hills are probably road runners who are always crying about the tiniest little incline and making mountains out of mole hills.

3 responses to “I Don’t Drink Bourbon, But…

  1. Sounds like you have some great races lined up! That bourbon one sounds like a hoot – I don’t drink bourbon either, but really, it can be pretty fun to watch people drink bourbon and then laugh at them.

    Also, I loved how you said..Blizzard? Thunderstorm? Heat? Nice morning to go for a run in the woods…ha SO TRUE!

  2. That’s quite a challenge to tackle the Bourbon Chase! Relays push you to the limit. And for this event, there’s alot involved other than just running. From what I’ve heard, the comradery makes it all worth it — Good Luck!

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