Busy Weekend

My right hamstring had been sore and stiff all last week. Finally by Friday morning it was starting to loosen up and feel a little better. So naturally I decided to kick off the holiday weekend with about three hours of volleyball Friday evening. We played 4 on 4 in the sand court at Canterbury Park in Broad Ripple. I had not played volleyball in a long, long time. It was great fun; however, it was probably not the smartest thing to do the night before a race.

Saturday morning when I woke up I was a little stiff all over, not just the hamstring. My shoulders and arms were toast. Oh well, I don’t need them to run, right? The Carmel Freedom Run was only 4.5 miles so the suffering wouldn’t last long. The temperature and humidity were relatively low for July so heat would not be an excuse for a poor performance. I ran for about 15 minutes to warm up and was feeling pretty good. A good part of the course was shaded and the first three miles was flat. I went out a little too fast with a 6:23 first mile. The next 3 miles were all around 7 even and the last half was at a 6:40 pace. There were a few little hills in the last couple miles and the damage from the volleyball was noticeable. I had hoped to beat 30 minutes, but just couldn’t manage it. Still I’m pretty happy with the 30:45 which was good enough for 2nd in my age group.

Romo, 85 pounds of pure cute.

After the race I drove over to Avon to get Romo, who would be coming to live with me. My ex-wife and I had three chocolate labs, Kooper, Dino, and Romo. Dino and Romo were going to move to Texas with her, but at the last minute we agreed that he would stay with me. I can’t imagine how people who have young children deal with the custody issues in a divorce. Splitting up the dogs was difficulty enough for me.

Sunday morning I rode the 62 mile B&O bike tour route with Tom. The route markings were still very visible and it was a great morning for a ride. Very nice route, mostly flat but a couple challenging hills. We averaged about 16 mph. Can’t believe I didn’t take the camera. I got home just in time to eat, rest, shower, and get back on my bike to ride the 3 miles up to Carmel Fest where I was volunteering to pick up trash from 4 to 7. I’m pretty sure I walked at least 4 miles pushing a cart full of trash. As a reward I got to get back on my bike and ride the 3 miles home.

Monday was a rest day. Whew! Actually I was up early cooking. My kids and their grandma would be coming over for lunch. It was a pretty good meal.

This weekend my son and I are driving to WNY. My niece just graduated from high school and they are having a party to celebrate. Two of her cousins also graduated, one from college and the other from high school, so they are having one big party. Should be a lot of fun. My sister and her two kids from Missouri will also be there. I’m hoping to get a good long run in Saturday morning. From my dad’s house to Lake Ontario is 5 miles so at a minimum I should do 10 miles. Need to take the camera.

Also on the horizon and throwing a big wrench in my training/racing is my next trip to China. July 27th through August 5th. Should be a lot of fun though. My boss will be joining me there on August 3rd at which time he said we would discuss my “next” trip to China. Two words… frequent flyer miles. Oops, I guess that’s three words.

One response to “Busy Weekend

  1. Awww Romo is a cutie! Bring your camera next time! Safe travels to China.

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