Marathon Training, Not So Much

100+ year old barn. Cows milked twice a day.

Thursday evening I hopped in the car with my son and two dogs and we headed east for New York. Not the New York of skyscrapers and subways, but the New York of orchards and dairy farms. My brother’s daughter graduated from high school along with two of her cousins so they were having one big party at the farm. All three live right there on the family farm. Two old farm houses and one newer house all right there at the farm. If I had thought ahead I would have taken some pictures of the farm. I do have a picture of the barn that has been in the Sweeney family for over 100 years. The wall with the bicentennial painting collapsed. The wall was repaired, but the painting is now gone.

Main Street, Barker, NY. Not so busy on Saturday morning.

I didn’t do much running over the long weekend, but I did eat a ton of food and I slept a lot, so I should be well fueled and rested for some serious training this week. I did squeeze one long run in Saturday morning. I ran from my dad’s house to Lake Ontario. The total distance was just over 11 miles. I ran past cows, orchards, and corn. I even saw a few people out mowing lawns and washing cars. From my dad’s house I run a half mile to the corner, turn north, and then it’s a straight shot through Barker and to the lake. I got a late start and it was starting to warm up a bit, but it was nice and cool down by the lake shore. I ran past main street which was like a ghost town. I ran past the high school, past my old church, past the little diner where the winning little league teams

Volunteer Fire Department

would go for a milkshake after the game way back when I was a kid. I didn’t get many milkshakes. It was called the Korner Kitchen then. Now I don’t know what they call it, but I ate there with my dad Friday evening. Overall it was a nice little run even though it was pavement all the way. Not a lot of trails to run in that area which is ok because I would be hesitant to go into the woods alone since the black bears have moved back into the area. When I was a kid there were no bears in that part of NY, but as family farms cease operations and open fields return to forest the bears return with the trees.

Korner Kitchen, it's for sale...

Orchards to the left, corn to the right, lake straight ahead.

At Bi-Centennial Park, the half way point.

Unattended road side vegetable stand, complete with cash box.

2 responses to “Marathon Training, Not So Much

  1. Looks like a nice town. Always good to go home again, especially when you can squeeze in a run.

  2. Way to squeeze in a run. I love running around where I grew up. Great pictures!

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