Westwood Will Wait

Had a pretty good weekend. Saturday morning I rode my mountain bike 6.3 miles to Broad Ripple. Then I ran 10 miles with Marvin, Catherine, and Blake. Actually Marvin only ran with us to the half. He then ran a couple miles further before turning around. Catherine, Blake and I completed the return trip about 2 minutes faster so the pace out was around 8:35 and the pace in was closer to 8:10. After a some crackers and water I hopped back on the MTB for the 6.3 mile trip back home. Overall a good training day.

McCloud Nature Park in North Salem. Sorry, it's the only picture I took on the ride.

For Sunday I was planning to drive out the Westwood Park. I’ve never been there, but there is a nice 10 mile trail around the lake. I thought I would run the trail and then ride the trail on my trusty mountain bike. I’m guessing the trail would be relatively easy on foot and a little bit of a challenge on the bike. Late Saturday evening my running/riding buddy Tom called. He had returned early from Nashville and was interested in running or riding or both on Sunday. Ultimately we decided to once again ride the 62 mile B&O Tour route. It turned out to be a very nice ride. It was overcast so it didn’t get too hot. There was a little wind but nothing unmanageable. I could definitely feel the effects of Saturday’s workout though and the injured knuckle on my right index finger made it hard to grip the handle bars properly.

I’ll get out to Westwood someday. Next weekend the group run from Broad Ripple is only 7 miles so I’m thinking about running there via the shortcut, just over 5 miles. If I return that same way (not sure how else I would return) that will be a nice 14 miles or so.  Then again on Sunday there will be another long bike ride, possibly the same B&O route or perhaps Tom will cook up something different. Either way it’s all good.

One response to “Westwood Will Wait

  1. Sounds like a solid weekend of training! Awesome!

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