Rest in China

Kevin and Jeff picking up some supplies at the Weifang Wal-Mart

This post is a few days late, not that there is any kind of schedule or deadline to meet or that anyone really cares. I would have posted sooner, but on Monday I was busy getting packed for my trip to China. Tuesday morning I was up by 4am and out the door by 5 to drive myself to the airport for the 6:42 flight to Chicago. From Chicago we would fly to Shanghai and then catch a regional flight to Weifang. I was traveling with one other guy from work also named Jeff. The flight to Weifang was delayed by just over an hour. We were both dozing off and fortunately Jeff woke up just in time to see the board indicating our flight was boarding. Just a few more minutes and we would have been spending the night at the Shanghai airport. That would have been very bad. Finally about 30 hours after first waking up on Tuesday I was checking into the Montriche Hotel in Weifang. It was around 9pm Wednesday local time. I’ll be here until August 5th. There won’t be much marathon training going on while I’m here. I’ll be lucky if I get in one short run. I’ll look at it as a recovery week from the past couple weeks of good training.

Last Saturday I ran in withering heat and humidity. I ran 5 miles from home to Broad Ripple where I ran 7 miles with the Indy Runner’s group. I then ran the 5 miles back home. The first 5 miles was just over a 9 minute pace. The seven miles averaged around 8:45 per mile. I slowed down for the final 5 miles. Actually the first 3 of the final 5 was back around 9 minute pace but the final two miles included a good amount of walking so that pace was closer to 10 minutes. By the time I got back to my house I was a little dehydrated. After several pints of water and a few cups of coffee I was feeling pretty good.

For Sunday the plan was to do close to 70 miles on the bike. I was riding with my friend Tom who had run trails for over 2 hours on Saturday so neither of us was at 100% Sunday morning. The ride was going pretty well until the point where the planned route turned out to be a gravel road. We turned around and got back onto the usual route. At this point some ominous looking clouds started to roll in. We didn’t feel like getting caught in a thunder storm so we decided to take a short cut back east toward our starting point. When we got back to our cars we had only done 56 miles. The severe weather never did materialize, but once at our cars neither of us was in the mood to go back out for more miles.

Now back to the present. Today, Monday, I did not run as planned on Sunday but I did walk all over the city. Not likely to have time to run during the remainder of my stay here.

China blocks access to facebook, youtube, and google blogs. So if you are on blogspot I can’t read your blog while I’m here. For some reason they do allow access to wordpress so I can post this.

One response to “Rest in China

  1. Way to keep that training going when you are away from home!! Glad you got up in time for your flight!

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