2010 Lighthouse Run

Looking fresh at the start.

My marathon training hasn’t been going very well lately, but yesterday was a great day. I started at my dad’s house at 7am. The weather was good, low 60’s, light cloud cover. I ran north to Bicentennial Park which is a tiny park on the Lake Ontario shore. I then turned east and followed Lakeview Drive and Lower Lake Road to Golden Hill State Park. Along the way I encountered a lion. Lucky for me the lion was in a cage.

I had heard there were bears in the area, but lions?

I later saw a young deer standing in a clearing about 20 yards off the road. I stopped and slowly reached for my camera. The deer stood motionless, but unlike the lion it was live and breathing. As I backed away I started to whistle and make a clicking noise with my mouth. The deer became curious and started to come out of the woods and walk toward me. He looked back toward the trees and then I noticed his sibling also coming out of the woods. As I slowly continued on my run they followed me for about a minute before they decided they would rather stay where they were.

Just call me the deer whisperer.

A short time later I reached my destination; Thirty-Mile Point Lighthouse at Golden Hill State Park. The park was nearly full with campers. As a running destination Golden Hill is awesome for a several reasons. It doesn’t cost anything to enter the park, the lighthouse is pretty cool, and they have a very nice bathroom. I probably could have refilled my camelbak too, but I liked that it was getting lighter.

Thirty-Mile Point Lighthouse.

I snapped a few pictures of the lighthouse, used the clean bathroom (twice actually, before and after pictures) and turned around for the return trip. The return was pretty uneventful. I stopped to take a picture of the street sign at the corner of Quaker and Haight roads. The first Haight’s to settle in Somerset in 1817 were Quakers. I stopped at the convenience store to buy a bottle of water. I also took a detour through the village to take a picture of the house where I lived until I was 10 years old. It looks nothing like it did when I lived there.

Lived here until I was 10. Looks much different now.

Overall it was an awesome run! I’ll have to make this an annual event. Of course just up the road a few miles is another awesome running venue, the Erie Barge Canal Towpath. It is over 300 miles long. I think I would keep it local though, round trip from widewater marina in Lockport to Middleport is about 25 miles. That would be a spectacular weekend, 20 mile lighthouse run on Saturday and Erie Canal on Sunday. Sweet!

One response to “2010 Lighthouse Run

  1. Awesome run and great pictures! you have some great places to run for sure!

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