What A Croc!

Pair of Crocs I won in a random drawing at the Dino Race.

Actually, a pair of Crocs! Yesterday I ran the Dino Series 15k at SouthWestway Park. The race was scheduled to be at Town Run Park, but at least part or maybe all of Town Run is inaccessible because of road construction. Since a series race is already scheduled for SouthWestway in October they created an entirely different course for this race. A large part of this race was on narrow single track MTB trails. It was a challenging course. Passing on the single track was very difficult. It was a relatively flat course, except for one hill at mile 8 that seemed to go up forever.  Overall I think I ran about as well as I could have, a little better than I thought I would but not quite as fast as I would have liked. I managed to run fast enough to finish 2nd in my age group. I also won a pair of crocs in the random drawing after the race. They are a smidge too small for me so I think I’ll give them to my co-worker’s daughter who is going to Haiti in October. I had hoped to go to Haiti this fall myself, but can’t since I’ll be in China all fall. Maybe next spring?

Tom and Mike, somewhere in Hendricks County. Mike said I got their good side.

Today I went for a long bike ride with Tom and Mike. It was a gorgeous morning for a ride. Sunny, but not too hot with a slight breeze from the south. We didn’t have a very solid plan for how long we would ride. As it turns out Mike had only planned to do 45 miles which probably explains why we were setting a pretty fast pace. At the turn to finish the 45 mile route Tom and I continued on to do the last part of the 62 mile route.  Earlier in the ride we had cut off about 8 miles of the 62 mile route by staying on the 45 mile route. Anyway, when we returned to Williams Park we had done 54 miles. I ran almost completely out of gas for the last mile or so. About a quarter mile from the park there is a tiny incline which I was barely able to climb. I’m talking like 5 or 10 foot gradual incline. Pathetic.  Good thing we cut off that 8 miles.

Well, nothing to do now but sit back, relax, and recover for the Heart of America Marathon next Monday in Columbia, Missouri. Wish me luck and/or pray for me, I’m going to need it. Actually, I do need to go to the store to get some Hammer Gels. It would be a very ugly marathon indeed without them.

2 responses to “What A Croc!

  1. I thought you were going to post about seeing a crocodile on a trip or something! ha

    Great ride!!

    Get those Hammer Gels. Those are what get me through a marathon!!! I know I just did a GU giveaway, but I am a Hammer girl all the way!

    • Bought the Hammer Gels last night and since I was in a store with lots of new running shoes I got a pair of those too. Going to give the Brooks Ravena a try, but probably not in this marathon.

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