Back In China

Corn drying in the street right outside our factory gate.

I’ve been in China for about two and a half weeks. I have about that much time remaining before I return home. I am running and exercising more than I have on previous trips to China but still not as much as I would like. Living in a hotel isn’t much fun, but I’m getting used to it.

I’m really getting to know my way around the city too. Yesterday I rode a city bus for the first time. I plan to go out today and ride just to see where the buses go. It costs 1 RMB to get on the bus and you can ride it as far as it goes. One RMB is roughly 15 cents. If you transfer to another bus you pay another 1 RMB. The bus I rode yesterday will get me to the Walmart. Today I’m hoping to find the route that goes to the Symo Mall. More places to shop and a Pizza Hut and KFC. I could take a taxi to all these places for about $1.50, but the bus is also interesting and pretty convenient.

The hotel keeps giving me these little tigers. I have six now.

The great China corn harvest is underway. It has been on-going for about three or four weeks now. It takes a long time because much of the harvest is done completely by hand. Some ears are picked with two-row harvesters. They dump the ears of corn in the streets and then remove the husks by hand. The ears are spread out to dry. Later a small tractor with an attached sheller scoops up the ears and deposits the cobs and kernels in two rows. Cobs and kernels are then spread out by hand for more drying. Eventually both are shoveled into bags. Some streets have signs posted to prohibit corn drying, but there is corn drying just about everywhere. I went for a walk and found corn drying within a quarter-mile of the hotel.

Walking around the city. There are very few caucasians walking around so I get lots of stares especially from young kids.

October 1st to the 7th our factory is closed for the Chinese National Holiday. On October 8th I’m flying to Shanghai to visit another company. I’ll spend the night and next day in Shanghai shopping and wandering around the Bund. Fortunately for that trip I’ll have an interpreter with me. Should be fun.

One response to “Back In China

  1. Hang in there. It’s no fun to live in a hotel for weeks, but the sights are fascinating. Post more photos! Hope we can get in another run or two together this year.

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