Everybody’s got plans… until they get hit.

Mike Tyson

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

John Lennon

I had made lots of plans at the beginning of the year. I planned to average two races a month for the year. I planned to do more sprint triathlons and also do an Olympic distance. I planned to run a spring marathon and qualify for Boston. Then life happened. As far as running is concerned the year started out well enough and I even managed to squeeze in 15 races including only one 50k and two marathons. The first curve ball to hit me was the divorce, but rather than hinder my running the divorce actually helped. Some people self-medicate with drugs or alcohol; I self-medicated with running. The renewed focus on training resulted in two of my biggest running achievements of the year. First in March I smashed my half marathon PR with a 1:30:34 at the Sam Costa, almost 6 minutes faster than my previous best. Then in April I set a new 5k PR at the Race For the Cure with 19:28.0. I had never run a 5k under 20 minutes. My old PR of 20:03 was set back in 1992. I’ve been trying for several years to beat that mark and had nearly given up on the dream.

Both of those achievements seemed to foretell a BQ at the Buffalo Marathon in May. Physically I was probably as prepared for a BQ as I could ever hope to be. Unfortunately I never even made it to the start line. I came down with some 24 hour bug the day before the race. I sat motionless in a recliner most of the day. Race morning I slept well past the starting gun. Maybe next year.

The next curve ball came at me from work. I would be going to China. The dates weren’t certain so I was hesitant to sign up for triathlons. The Carmel Sprint Tri in April would wind up being the only one I did all year. I traveled to China near the end of July for two weeks. I then went to China for 5 weeks on September 13th. When I returned from that trip I ran two races; the Bourbon Chase 200 mile relay in Kentucky and the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Training for a marathon while in China was next to impossible with my work schedule so running a BQ at Indy was pure fantasy. Still I gave it my best shot. And only missed by about 18 minutes. Two days after the IMM I returned to China for another six weeks. I missed one of my all time favorite events, The Tecumseh Trail Marathon. Turns out they had some serious logistics issues with buses refusing to drive in the snow. At the last minute they changed the race from a point to point format to an out and back format. Indian Hill Road was not a part of the course this year and the total distance was closer to only 24 miles. Still it would have been fun as usual.

At this point after nearly four months in China with one more return trip from January 3rd to the 30th I’m too far out of shape to make a bunch of grandiose plans for 2011. I am already signed up for the Bourbon Chase but otherwise no solid plans at this point. I like what Frank Shorter had to say on the subject.

I plan to be running as long as I can and have no plans to stop.”

Sounds like an awesome plan. See you out there on the trails and pavement.

Have a Run Happy New Year!

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