A Little Disappointment Amid Triumph

First let me make it clear that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I have been and continue to be blessed in so many ways. I wake each morning and thank God for all He has done in my life. Most of all I just thank Him for being with me always.

Still I am human and sometimes can’t help but grumble just a little. I missed winning a singlet in the Dino series by ONE point. It was a major disappointment. I had my best year ever in the series. I ran in 6 of the 7 races placing first in my age group four times and second place two times. In Saturday’s race at Ft Harrison I finished 13th overall in 1:04:48, first in my age group beating my previous best time on this course by over a minute and lowering my trail 15k PR for the second time this year.  I started thinking that I wouldn’t run the series at all next year. I wasn’t mad at anyone or anything but was just discouraged by the whole situation.

This morning during my morning devotion time I quickly realized I needed to put an end to my personal pity party and adjust my attitude. I had made wanting that singlet into an idol. Was I running these races to get some silly singlet or was I running for pure pleasure? I run for pleasure not for rewards. I love the Dino series because it is fun not because I might win something. Yes, competing with other runners is part of the fun but whether I finish ahead of or behind some other runner isn’t important. When I run, especially on the dirt trails in the woods, I feel closer to God than in any other setting. Before every race I always pray that God would be glorified by my running that race. A healthy relationship with God, that is what matters most.

More Triumph!

Last weekend I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon for the third time. To make a long story short, I finished in 3:27:41. That was a new PR by almost 4 minutes and it was fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’m not really interested in actually running the Boston Marathon. I’m just not a fan of the big over hyped races. The way the registration works I’ll never get in any way because runners who beat their qualification time by 20 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes get first crack at registration. I beat my qualification time by just a couple minutes so long before I am able to register the race will be sold out.

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