2011 What An Awesome Year!

How Great is our God!

2011 was a spectacularly awesome year. As He always is, God was very good to me. I spent almost all of January in China so as far as running is concerned the year started out a little slow. In January I ran a total of only 30.5 miles. By year-end though my total mileage reached 1500 miles, the most ever in a year. I ran in 22 races including the Grand Canyon which wasn’t technically a race. I set five PR’s in five different distances, two on the road and three on the trails . Yes overall it was a great year. I was blessed beyond measure.

I hit the ground running in February. I ran two races in the same day on February 19th. I had never done that before. I wasn’t very fast but not as slow as I feared I might be after all the time spent in China.

In March I found some speed and ran my second fastest 5k at the Big Ten Hoops 5k. This was the day after running a 15k trail race at Eagle Creek.

In April I ran another 15k trail race and I also run the River to River Relay in Illinois. I ran very well at both races but apparently wasn’t motivated to write about either race.

I got my writing mojo back in May. I ran the Dances With Dirt 50k. I ran a good race but the real story wasn’t about a race.

June and July were relatively quiet. A couple of races but again nothing to write about.

Then in August after two years I finally made another attempt at a 50 miler. The Beast of Burden was a good race for me. It was a great experience and it convinced me that I need to attempt a 100 miler.

In September the big event was the Blue Ridge Relay. My heart is beating faster now just thinking about it!

October! Wow! In October I ran the Grand Canyon, Rim2Rim2Rim! I can’t even imagine how I will ever top that. I also ran the Bourbon Chase relay again. It was fun for sure but after Rim2Rim2Rim I just couldn’t bring myself to write about it.  After the Bourbon Chase I ran a PR for a trail half marathon at the Knobstone Mini which I did write about.

November was another good month with a couple more PR’s. One in the 4.5 mile Drumstick Dash and the other at the IMM.

December started off a little disappointing. I was primed to run a great race at the Tecumseh Trail Marathon but two days before the race I strained my calf and just couldn’t do it. Two weeks later I was ready to go for the HUFF 50k which was an epic event.

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